Newly Refurbished Audi Showroom — July 2019
July 10, 2019
Construction of New Car Park – June 2020
June 1, 2020

Replacement of Tiled Flooring at Continental Cars Limited — August 2019

Over the past weeks, Mizzi Estates has undertaken an intensive refurbishment project whereby over 1500 square metres of tiling were removed and replaced with industrial-type flooring. The areas are occupied by its sister company Continental Cars Limited and include a 1000 square metre servicing garage at basement level, and a 500 square metre delivery and reception area located at ground floor.

For this purpose, Mizzi Estates engaged the services of industry renowned company Vibrofloors® – a company of world-wide repute specialising in the supply and laying of high performance, tiled flooring systems, specifically designed for industrial applications.

In the Automotive Industries, workshop floors in particular are subject to heavy traffic, occasional exposure to chemicals, acid and oil, not to mention exposure to impacts from falling equipment, tools or car parts. Floors must therefore have a very hard and durable surface which is not eroded by dust residue or repeated impacts, and with a strong ability to withstand both point and dynamic point loads.

For these reasons, Vibrofloors adopts what’s referred to as ‘Vibration Technology’ – a technology developed in Germany through which individual, 18mm thick ceramic tiles are laid and compacted onto the underlying bedding mortar by means of vibrators. Through high frequency motion, the vibration technology ensures full compaction and embedding of individual tiles.